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Cost savings: By generating your own electricity, you can significantly reduce or eliminate your energy costs, which can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Environmental benefits: Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that does not produce harmful greenhouse gases or pollutants. By choosing solar, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Positive public image: Many consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the products and services they use, and are more likely to support companies that are taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions. Going solar can help your company appeal to this environmentally-conscious market.

Energy security: Solar energy can provide a reliable source of electricity, even during power outages or other disruptions to the traditional power grid.

Government incentives: In many cases, commercial companies can take advantage of government incentives, such as tax credits and grants, to help offset the cost of solar installations.

Overall, going solar can be a smart financial and strategic decision for commercial companies, offering a range of benefits that can help the business save money, reduce its environmental impact, and improve its public image.


Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits

Texas Solar Property Tax Exemption

Thanks to the renewable power assets tax exemption, citizens of the Lone Star State don’t have to worry about extra taxes because the property value increases by installing solar systems.

Texas Solar Rebates and Tax Credits

Texas residents are eligible for a number of solar blessings, but maximum of them are hyperlocal in place of statewide regulations.

In lieu of a statewide net metering policy, utility agencies in the country have guidelines that credit proprietors of solar systems for electricity their panels produce that isn’t used. Texans can then use those credit — alternatively of purchasing electricity from the utility — if their panels aren’t producing sufficient power to fulfill their usage needs, which include at night or in the course of a cloudy season.

A short list of utilities in the state that offer net metering benefits include:

Additionally, citizens in neighborhoods ruled by a house owners’ association, or HOA, needs not to worry about HOA guidelines that could keep them from installing solar on their assets. Texas has a solar rights regulation that prevents HOAs from banning solar power structures on individual houses.

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